Spanelas Products

Spanelas is the representative of the most prestigious European manufactures and is able to offer branded and certified products for maximum safety. The main objective of the company is always the supply of high quality and technologically advanced products, which offer the maximum safety during the lifting, lashing, handling and storage of all kinds of loads.

spanelas 580

Secure Lifting

Spanelas, in collaboration with leading manufacturers, offers top-rated and certified products built according...


Secure Lashing

How we protect people and loads against the dangers of accidents and ensure optimal protection for the equipment...


Hygiene and Safety

The concept of hygiene in modern industry plays an increasingly important role as it contribute to prevent...


Cargo operation & Storage

The right warehouse management and safe cargo operation ensure delivery of the right products at the right time...


Packaging Materials

AUER Packaging is a German company with extensive experience in designing and developing...

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