Load Invertors

Load Invertors

Premier Pallet Systems

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Premier Pallet Systems manufactures some of the world’s most prestigious burglars in the market for the last 30 years. Our machines are equipped for a wide range of distribution and factory conditions throughout Greece, offering a great number of flexible solutions.

Our range of machines is very much customer led. Many of the innovations we have introduced to solve specific problems now form part of our standard range. We have sold machines in 40 countries via an extensive network of distributors and continue to receive enquiries from an ever-expanding market.

Premier Pallet Systems provides:

  • Fast, friendly and valid response to your needs for pallet tippers.
  • We keep stock for all our basic machines that are ready for safe shipment to Greece.
  • Pallet converters and custom-made pallet distributors to meet your specific needs.
  • All pallet tippers and pallet dispensers are manufactured in accordance with our demanding, robust specifications, providing service for years even in the most challenging environment.
  • Immediate after-sale service and valid technical advice at your disposal at any time.

For more information and applications, please contact us.

FS inverter


fs palletinver

The FS is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods and is versatile enough to handle everything from yogurt and biscuits to bottles of wine or cement. There are 3 standard jaw opening sizes, but we can custom-build to suit your specifications, load weights and dimensions.

The options include a steel chassis or an anti-rust zinc spray.

More for Pallet FS Inventers

  • FS Converter is an autonomous pallet inventer.
  • Autonomy (FS) requires three-phase power supply.
  • Ideal for storage needs where pallet changes are required.

FS DC Inverter-Load Pallet Inverter

load inventer 180 ° with double jaws

The FS DC is the most versatile Inverter on the market. It’s loaded at ground level by pallet truck or forklift.

The FS DC is usually loaded by a pallet truck through a ramp and therefore the customer does not need to bind a forklift truck and driver for this process.

More about Pallets FS DC Inventers

  • The standard equipment includes a control button but full automation is optional if needed.
  • The FS DC inverter is of a very robust construction and features a highly durable double-layer finish made of a special zinc primer and a rigid epoxy finish.
  • The unit can operate with loads from 600mm to 2m with a weight of 2000kg
fsdc palletinver

DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter

loads 1250kg maximum

dd125 palletin

The DD1.25 is a versatile unit specifically designed to handle loads in the lower weight range. Best suited to lightweight (1250kg maximum), low volume applications.

The table size determines that it is not suited to pallets over 1.2m wide or with overhung product. We would not normally build the DD1.25 with modified table dimensions or jaw opening.

Can be loaded by forklift truck,stacker, or at ground level by pallet truck via a 1.5m long ramp. In the latter case, a ramp is also provided as the benches open at 100mm above the ground.

The ability to handle a wide range of load types – boxes, glass, paper, bags and DD1.25 can accommodate pallet sizes up to a 1220mm square.

Pallet changers

The Pallet Changer provides a highly versatile pallet switch and Premier has been making continuous improvements to this system over the last 10 years to make it the flexible unit that it is today. It is ideal for eliminating manual handling.

More about our Pallet Changers

  • Pallet gripping system adapts automatically to all normal sizes
  • Side retaining walls with optical sensors or pressure option
  • Flush-to-floor loading – no ramp
  • 1500kgs loading capacity.
  • Smooth and effective auto-operation allowing 25 pallet per hour throughput
  • Not recommended for bagged goods or thin-layered product
  • Price inclusive of full guarding system


changer 1




changer 2


changer 3


changer 4


changer 5
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