Anti-slip mats

Anti-slip mats

safe and ergonomic cargo management

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Marotech is a leader in the hot melt adhesive coated tapes and related equipment used primarily in the packaging industry.

From its headquarters in Canada, and with the help of specialized staff and strategically located warehouses Marotech is able to serve customers from across the globe.

Business ethics, the environment and responsible procurement are values that Marotech has chosen to put forward which are reflected in all facets of our operations.

Marotech has established procedures and guidelines that show the importance devoted to these values.

With its products, MAROTECH has been offering safety for people, animals and cargo since 1995. We are one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of anti-slip mats and other load securing aids. Our products stand for uncompromising quality – our advice is competent, economical and solution-oriented.

Anti-slip mats

with the latest scientific developments

Our anti-slip mats and coverings work by increasing the co-efficient of friction, providing a cost-effective solution to prevent damage and injury to persons and goods. They are manufactured in line with the latest scientific developments and practical experience to deliver optimum co-efficient of friction and adhesion values. Depending on the application, pressure, material thickness, material dimensions and friction surfaces, our products achieve a co-efficient of friction between μ=0.70* and μ=0.90*. Furthermore, thanks to the high proportion of binding agents used, our anti-slip mats boast a high safety margin.

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