Lashing with chains

Chain lashing

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Lashing load or lashing system is vital for the safe transport of goods, whether by road, rail or sea. The external forces exerted on the load caused by braking, acceleration or bends have a dramatic effect on the load-carrying mode.

In a way similar to the choice of lifting equipment, shape and type of load, can increase the forces being tested and, consequently, these factors influence the choice of the lashing type as well as the method to be used. Spanelas’ high quality products serve this purpose with great success.

Chain lashing systems are available in quality grades G8, G10 and G12.


The most powerful international chain lashing system with chain


Up to 60% more Lashing Capacity by Grade 80

13 years after the successful launch of the VIP Grade 10 program, RUD has created a NEW LEVEL of technological advancement in load lashing system with chain.

RUD is the world’s first manufacturer to be licensed to produce a chain of Grade 12 alloy.

Compared to the Grade 8 alloy chain, Grade 12 alloy achieves breaking force up to 60% larger than the same stitch size while the same weight is reduced by 30%.


Powerful VIP Grade 10 chain lashing system

Until the emergence of the ICE120 system, the VIP RUD Grade 10 Chain Lashing System was the world’s best chain-lashing system.

Offers maximum safety, great breaking resistance, long life.


VAN BEEST loadbinders

Alloy chain lashing system Grade 8

kastanies concentrate

Grade 8 systems consist of 2 independent parts: the tire and the chain with hooks.

* Certificates are provided complies with EN12195.

Chain lashing

Special features of ICE120 and VIP Grade 10

  • ICE120 and VIP Grade 10 systems are unified pre-assembled load lashing kits for which an overall EN12195 certification is provided.
  • They are accompanied by an independent marking-checker caliper.
  • Complies with EN12195 and German VDI-Richtlinie 2701
  • Acceptable by Insurance Companies
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