Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams

DokariaAnupsosis 770x300

Axzion is a German company that distributes and manufactures lifting beams and industrial handling and lifting equipment. It provides high quality products, always manufactured in accordance with current legislation with the highest safety standards. Thanks to its innovative facilities and its dedicated staff, it is able to offer, besides the basic product line, personalized solutions to the specific needs of customers.

Lifting Beams

according to the currently applicable DIN EN 13155

Adjustability is their strength.

Are you looking for a standard load-lifting beam with adjustable hooks? With Axzion’s lifting beam you can enjoy a whole host of possibilities for adapting it to your production methods.

Our lifting beams are available in the following designs:

  • Lifting beam, with adjustable hook
  • Rail crossbar, fixed, non-adjustable
  • Lifting beams with mounting bracket for single hook DIN 15401, with two or four adjustable single hooks.


  • Comprehensive operating handbook, factory certification and declaration of conformity
  • Modified crane hook mounting bracket
  • Can be supplied at short notice
  • On-site consulting
  • Up to 20t capacity can be supplied as standard

Supplemental equipment:

  • Lifting beam suspension unit for double hooks, DIN 15402
  • Swivel hook (non-swivelling under load/not under load)
  • Double hook
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