Lifting Chains

Lifting Chains

Spanelas has top-quality RUD Germany lifting chains by alloy -Grade 80, VIP 100, ICE 120.

Grade 80 chains

CrNimo stainless material

chain80 f

Material: CrNiMo stainless steel, manufactured according to EN 818-2.

The approval of grade 8 is documented by the responsible BG at short chain link intervals.

H1 means the number of manufacturers 1 = RUD. 8 means according to quality class 8.

Grade 100 or VIP chains

extremely high strength

RUD grade 100 or VIP sling chains are made from CrNiMo steel.The inhouse made special heat treatment gives the grade 100 round steel link chain a high toughness even at the high strength of the material. A clear visual characteristic is the fluorescent PINK® powder coating.

A quality criteria of the VIP chains is the certification acc. to the DGUV (BG) guidelines, which are orientated to EN818 and PAS 1061 and therefore the chains are embossed with the H1 marking.This stamping is located in short chain link distances and it tells that the testing guidelines are observed and that RUD was the first manufactures who received the grade 100 certification.

Additional customer specific testing methods are possible on request. VIP quality in PINK® therefore stands for a high dynamic grade 100 chain made by RUD which is less sensitive regarding mechanical wear and damages which leads to a longer lifetime.


ICE-Round lifting chains

unaffected by the deterioration of hydrogen

ice120 le

ICE-Round steel chain are manufactured and tempered with a patented material. They have a high hardness and are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement like Grade 10.

The application of the RUD-Grade 12 is issued by the BG and is stamped with “D1-12″. D=”Degree of Quality”, 1 is the manufacturers number 1 = RUD. 12 is the corresponding Grade 12. Surface: ICE-Pink powder coated.

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