Shackles & lifting parts

Shackles & lifting parts


Van Beest manufactures high quality and durable shackles at its factory in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. This is an authentic product “Made in Holland”. These products have the distinctive brand Green Pin®. Van Beest’s Green Pin® shackles are recognizable by the green pin and the engraved features on the body and pin. The Green Pin® logo as well as the green color of the pin are trademarks of Van Beest.

Genuine Green Pin® shackles are marked as follows:

  • WLL25T = Maximum lifting capacity 25 tons
  • Bs = Sign of manufacturer Van Beest Holland
  • K = traceability code (= material, batch and date of manufacture)
  • 6 = Metal alloy
  • CE = European Qualification Certificate

The N and type D shackles are a sensitive and dangerous point when lifting loads, especially because they can be retrofitted to any lifting system without being a component of it. Once the remaining lifting materials are certified, it is particularly important that the shackles are also certified. The use of non-certified keys in conjunction with wire rope, belt or chain clamps invalidates the overall certification of the lifting device.

Shackles in order to be suitable for lifting must be produced in accordance with European ΕΝ 13889:2003 or the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, under which the following markings on the nautical keys must be embossed:

1. Allowed Work Load (WLL).
2. Name or symbol of manufacturer. B.C. BC or Bs = Van Beest of the Netherlands.
3. Traceability code
consisting of a digit and / or a letter.
4. Pin diameter.
5. Grade indicator (e.g ISO Grade 6).
The digit “6” indicates the metal alloy.
6. CE marking.
It states that it has been produced under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECand is suitable for lifting loads.

Only if the above data is given is the Security Factor 6:1, ie the minimum breaking limit is 6 times the Permissible Work Load.

Before using shackles, check if:

  • The body and the pin are of the same type, size and construction material.
  • All markings are clearly visible and legible.
  • The threads of the body and the pin are in good condition.
  • The body and the pin are not deformed, damaged or have cracks, scratches, corrosion or rust.

Spanelas has a Green Pin (green pin) Naval Keys from Van Vest Holland, manufactured in accordance with European Regulation EN 13889: 2003 and accompanied by a European Certificate of Suitability of the manufacturer and a certificate for the raw material. After customer’s demand, audit certificates can be provided under the supervision of Det Norske Veritas International, Lloyd’s Certification Bodies etc. In addition, it has Yellow Pin (yellow pins) of the Van Beest House of the Netherlands, manufactured in accordance with the Mechanical Equipment Directive 2006/42/EC.



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