lifting rotation up to 2000Kg

These FEZER lifters are suitable for horizontal transport, rotation or rotation over plate materials of all kinds. Vacuum lifters represent absolutely mild handling, efficient and ergonomic working procedures with the highest operational safety. For this reason, all manual lifts are equipped with the unique “central switch supervision”, which sets new standards for vacuum lifting safety.

VacuBoy Horizontal

horizontal transport up to 2.000 kg

The VacuBoy VB is the ideal helper for the horizontal handling of dense plate materials. Its robust design, easy adaptability to different workpiece dimensions, and the ergonomical operation offers an almost limitless field of applicaction:

  • Feeding of CNC-laser and water jet machinery
  • Loading of punching and bending machines
  • Commissioning of plate materials
  • Transport of drums and heavy canisters
  • Handling of glass and window elements
  • Transport of stone and concrete slabs

VacuBoy VB in action:

  • VacuBoy while handling steel plates up to 2.000 kg
  • VacuBoy for commissioning steel sheets
  • VacuBoy mounted on a suspension crane system for plate handling
  • Feeding of a laser cutting machine

VacuBoy Mini

The compact design and low own weight make the VacuBoyMini the ideal partner for handling stable loads. Available are single suction pads or attachments with several pads which covers a large application spectrum. Additionally the lifter can be equipped with a quick-change coupling which allows a fast exchange of pads and attachments.

  • Feeding of CNC machines
  • Handling of drums and crates
  • Handling of glass and window elements

VacuBoyMini VBM in action:

  • Handling of aluminum blocks up to 250 kg
  • With fourfold attachment for the transport of steel sheets
  • With single suction pad for aluminum plates up to 150 kg
  • With air pack and pneumatical warning unit for handling drums

Power Independant

The VacuBoyAkku guarantees an absolutely self-sufficient operation around the clock. The power supply is via exchangeable batteries. A standstill of the lifters, to re-charge batteries, is no longer necessary. As a standard the lifters are equipped with a vacuum-controlled motor switch which saves the batteries and increases their operation time. Vacuum control is done by handslide valve with arrest.

  • Vacuum supply by 24V pumps
  • Work capacity for approx. 150 suction operations
  • Constant operational readiness by exchangeable batteries
  • Option with electrical vacuum control or switching automatic

VacuBoy VB-Akku in action:

  • Feeding a laser cutting machine with steel sheets
  • Handling ceramic elements on a water jet machine
  • Transport of aluminium blocks up to 250 kg
  • Commissioning of steel sheets with four-pad attachment

VacuBoy Swivelling

for swivelling (90ο) loads up to 1.500kg

The lifter series VacuBoy VB-90E can swivel loads by 90°. To achieve this either electrical cylinders or gear motors are being used. Engaged loads can be swivelled effortlessly by 90° and stopped and held at any point.

Control of this function is via push-buttons mounted on the manipulating handle, as an option they can be integrated in crane pendants with spiral cables or a remote control. Swivel times are approx. 15 – 20 seconds.

This series is the ideal partner for:

  • Feeding of upright machine tools
  • Handling of loads in upright storage
  • Handling of glass and window elements
  • Raising of lying workpieces
  • Taking standing loads out of magazines or boxes

VacuBoy VB-90E in action:

  • Swivelling of large-size steel plates
  • Swivelling of side panels for campers
  • Handling of glass panes with a load of up to 500 kg
  • Taking out and swivelling 8.000mm long steel plates

VacuBoy Turning Over

turning over (180ο) loads up to 1.000kg

The lifter series VacuBoy VB-180E can turn loads by 180°. To achieve this the devices are equipped with a central gear motor which allows to stop engaged loads at any point.

Control of this function is via push-buttons mounted on the manipulating handle; as an option they can be integrated in crane pendants with spiral cables or a remote control. Turning times approx. 30 – 45 seconds.

This series is mainly used for:

  • Working both surfaces of workpieces
  • Feeding of CNC machines
  • Visual control of sensitive surfaces

VacuBoy VB-180E in action

  • Turning over steel plates up to 500 kg
  • Both-sided surface control of steel plates up to 750 kg
  • Handling of side elements for campers
  • Turning over laminated chipboards

Variable One

a universally suitable lifter

The VacuBoyVario is a universally suitable lifter. Loads can both be lifted horizontally and vertically, or else lying loads can be uprighted. The suction pads, which can be individually switched on and off, only need to be placed correspondingly.

The rope suspension of the suction pads and the resulting narrow design make the VacuBoyVario a very variably suitable device.

  • Horizontal and vertical handling
  • Handling and installation of glass and window elements
  • Handling of large-size sandwich elements
  • On construction sites with 2-circuit-systems

VacuBoyVario VBV in action

  • Lifting steel sheets up to 200 kg
  • VacuBoyVario while handling the glass dome of a submarine
  • Handling terminal box elements for the electronic industry
  • Transporting steel containers up to 150 kg