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SPANELAS, since its foundation in 1979, has been consistently operating in the field of industrial equipment and lifting systems.

Being a pioneer in our initial field of expertise of cargo lifting and lashing with polyester straps, we also expanded to operating with more advanced lifting equipment as well.We have a steady upward trend in the Greek market due to our commitment to providing high quality products, manufactured by prestigious European firms, and providing top level customer responsibly, on time and effectively.

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Secure lifting

Spanelas, in collaboration with leading manufacturers, offers top-rated and certified products built according...


Secure Lashing

How we protect people and loads against the dangers of accidents and ensure optimal protection for the equipment...


Hygiene and safety

The concept of hygiene in modern industry plays an increasingly important role as it contribute to prevent...


Cargo operation and storage

The right warehouse management and safe cargo operation ensure delivery of the right products at the right time...


Packaging Materials

AUER Packaging is a German company with extensive experience in designing and developing...

Spanelas list of services

We create reliable business partnerships

Periodic material inspection

SPANELAS offers re-inspection services according to the product (visual inspection, over-weight charge control, dynamometer).

Installation and inspection of life lines

Comprehensive solutions for designing fall arrest systems and for the suitable equipment selection.

Installation and operational training for lifting equipment

Comprehensive and reliable technical support to any problem of lifting, lashing and cargo handling.

Hosting and organizing educational seminars

SPANELAS organizes Operator Training Seminars by experienced trainers with many years of practical experience.

Electronic tracking of materials

Through the EPIS, an electronic database is created, which records all the necessary marking elements of each material that needs periodic inspection.

Load - lashing plan analysis

SPANELAS analyzes the loading data (special needs, products, devices).

Lifting plan calculation

Finding appropriate Lifting Means and Devices with safety, ergonomics, value for money, material life..

Certified inspection & service center

SPANELAS SA is a certified partner for the maintenance of re-inspection as well as...


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