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SPANELAS, since its foundation in 1979, has been consistently operating in the field of industrial equipment and lifting systems.

Being a pioneer in our initial field of expertise, of cargo lifting and lashing with polyester webbings, we also expanded to operating with more advanced lifting equipment as well. We have a steady upward trend in the Greek market due to our commitment to providing high quality products, manufactured by prestigious European firms, and providing top level customer support with responsibility, precision and effectiveness.

The main purpose of our company is the supply of high quality and technologically advanced products and solutions that offer maximum security when lifting, lashing and handling every cargo type.

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SPANELAS constantly improves its infrastructure and organization to cope with the requirements of the new millennium, in the best way possible.

Operating with SPANELAS products assists in optimizing productivity, achieving economies of scale and maintaining a high level of safety.

SPANELAS products are manufactured in accordance with the latest European Union Standards (EN) and Quality Assurance ISO 9001: 2015 (TUV CERT).

The valuable long-term cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners is the guarantee to maintain industry leadership.

Manufacturing, construction, shipping, transportation and storage companies and our business partners appreciate our effort to solve problems by finding a pioneer in developing partner technology solutions.

Our success is based on a group of competent and performance-oriented workers. Above all, our goal is the absolute satisfaction of our customers, providing ideal, intelligent and practical products.

Spanelas, in collaboration with leading manufacturers, offers top-quality and certified products built according to high safety standards. Combined with the know-how and the experience of our specialized staff, we offer optimum solutions to increase efficiency and safety even for the most demanding lifting applications.

Cargo transportation is quite complex and many problems can occur if not done in the proper way and with the proper equipment. The type of the cargo, the way it is been transported as well as the surface that is placed, can be so different and lead to countless combinations. This is the reason why there are plenty of solutions and SPANELAS SA can advise you for the optimum one, according to your needs.

The sensitive role of hygiene is getting more and more crucial in modern industry, as it contributes in preventing accidents while increase productivity at the same time. SPANELAS SA, in collaboration with globally known manufacturer of spill kits “New Pig”, provides complete solutions for a working place, clean, safe and productive.

Safe working at height requires certified and quality personal protection equipment, as well as the know- how and experience in designing fall protection systems. SPANELAS SA in collaboration with TRACTEL – France, can provide design and installation of quality and effective solutions for fall protection applications.

The proper operation of the warehouse facilities, as well as the safe cargo handling, ensures the on time delivery of the correct products at the required delivery time. The order picking and the part assembly procedures are also considered storage operations that need to be properly designed and executed. SPANELAS SA can provide you with all the proper tools and solutions that will assist you in time management and warehouse productivity increase. Ergonomic management leads in economic benefit and maximization of use regarding the available storage capacity.


Products are provided with certification based on

  • EC Declaration of Conformity according to Annex IIA of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • Certificate of Control according to our Quality Manual according to ISO 9001:2015 and European Regulations EN 1492-1 / 2: 2000 and EN 818-2.
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of tensile length (dynamic and static load) under current European Regulations.
  • A’ Material Certificate.
  • Warranty

Depending on the product, and upon request, audit certificates can be provided at extra cost, under the supervision of all official classification and certification organizations: Lloyd’s, Det Norske Veritas, British Standards Bureau, Germanischer Lloyd’s.




Periodic inspection of material

SPANELAS provides for each product a periodic report tab. According to the Machinery Directive....


Installation and inspection of life lines

Comprehensive solutions for designing fall arrest systems and for the suitable equipment selection.


Installation and training of lifting equipment

Comprehensive and reliable technical support to any problem of lifting, lashing and cargo handling....


Training and organization of seminars

SPANELAS organizes Operator Training Seminars by experienced trainers with many years of practical experience...


Electronic database and tracking of materials

Through the EPIS, an electronic database is created, which records all the necessary marking...


Loading plan optimization

SPANELAS analyzes the loading data (special needs, products, devices). Load research according to Standard...


Lifting plan calculation

Finding appropriate Lifting Means and Devices with safety, ergonomics, value for money, material life...


Certified inspection & service center

SPANELAS SA is a certified partner for the maintenance of re-inspection as well as...

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