Pallets Operation

Pallets Operation


A second-generation family business, Ferroplan Oy is the leading Finnish manufacturer of conveyor solutions designed for handling piece items and bulk cargo. Ferroplan also supplies systems for handling solid waste, all of which come complete with top-notch Ferro Care maintenance services.

In addition to its headquarters, in Orimattila, the company has a component manufacturing unit in Jelgava, Latvia.

Ferroplan pallet dispensers

improving working conditions in the warehouse

Ferroplan pallet dispensers are a key element for improving working conditions in the warehouse.

Stacking- and destacking of pallets with a FERROPLAN pallet dispenser:

  • No more ergonomic problems with pallet handling
  • Destack pallets from pallet dispenser or stack pallet into the pallet dispenser.
  • Avoid accidents caused by manual pallet handling
  • Reduce the risk of sick leaves due to back injuries
  • Increase productivity – avoid manual handling.
  • Reduce the number of damaged pallets, increase the life time of your pallets.
  • Reduce the area for stocking pallets in the warehouse.
  • Handle pallets ergonomic correctly.
  • No physical contact between the pallet and operator (hygienic)
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