Plate and beam clamps

Plate and beam clamps

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InterProduct is specialized for more than 40 years in the production of safe lifting harvesters. Grapples are produced in Ede, the Netherlands. Other industries such as growth, sales and marketing for Europe are based in the company’s modern facilities. InterProduct sells its products around the world and has many well-known companies internationally as regular customers.

Through its great emphasis on innovation, quality and security, IP has become a leader in the European market and has also gained an important position in the North American market.

The IP lifting slings are applicable either in vertical or horizontal transport of goods which are often heavy and / or expensive, such as: metal sheets, beams, pipes, etc. in various sectors of industry such as shipbuilding, aerospace and metal processing industries.

How does the IP lifting harness stand out:

  • of high quality
  • τhe 10-year warranty for good operation
  • from maximum (guaranteed) security
  • by their (small) weight
  • from their ergonomics (usability)

10-year warranty for IP hoisting holes

  • We are committed for ten years.
  • IP is the only international company offering such a guarantee to its customers.
  • The security offered by the IP hoists is now available with an excellent 10-year warranty for good service and spare parts delivery.

Maximum security

Wherever the first priority is safety, the IP hoists are present. For 30 years, IP lifting harnesses have shown at international level that they offer maximum security at all times. With the 10-year warranty, security is combined with the full assurance of the reliability of each grapple separately.

Terms of the guarantee
The 10-year warranty applies to all standard lifting masts of any type.


safe lifting clamps

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