Secure Lashing

Secure Lashing


How we protect people and loads against the dangers of accidents and ensure optimal protection for the equipment.

When it comes to the transport of goods and the protection of all those involved in this work, safety is of utmost important for you and for us. Not only does this provide a feeling of reassurance, it is also prescribed by law. With our load control equipment, you can effectively guard against dangers and accidents while complying fully with the statutory requirements.

Our customers include companies and organisations with the most stringent safety requirements. For example, the chemical, steel and paper industries, energy suppliers, haulage companies, fire brigades and aid organisations all rely on our quality products. Pressure and tensioning ratchets for the very heaviest loads, from 125/250 daN to 12,500/25,000 daN LC, load control nets for quick use with constantly changing freight and an extensive range of accessories, such as our edge protectors for delicate goods, have been raising safety standards in the load control sector for decades now.

100% quality – 100% safety

From the material selection to the quality test, from exact calculations to intelligent application – we give 100% at every stage. We weave most of our straps ourselves – in Greece.

Tested and certified

Our quality management system involves ongoing tests of materials and end products. By using Spanelas quality products, you are doing everything possible to guarantee the safety of people and of the goods being transported in terms of load control.


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