Lifting and pulling equipment

Lifting and pulling equipment

Lifting loads is a daily work for many people. Applications and requirements may be different from one another. As a response to these applications, there are the appropriate solutions in order to lift safely loads.

The solutions:

  • Chain Hoists, Wire rope hoists Harness
  • Manual, Electric or Pneumatic
  • Normal, Low or ultra-Low headroom
  • Heavy type
  • Explosion-Proof (ATEX)
  • Winches Belt for the Food Industry
  • Lifting and pulling wire rope hoists
  • Manual, Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • Explosion-Proof (ATEX)
  • For Lifting and / or Transporting (Man Ridding)
  • Trolles – beam clamps
  • Fixed (Glider)
  • Draw
  • Chainsaws
  • Electric
  • Low or Over-low-headoom
  • Wall or Column
  • Supported or backed up
  • Profile

Εlectric & pneumatic hoists

Spanelas, combines years of experience and knowledge, so is able to offer...



Spanelas offers a wide variety of wire rope winches that can either lift or pull a load...


Manual chain hoists & manual lever chain hoists

Lever hoists are used for tensioning, pulling, loading or lifting loads.
The design of the lever hoist...


Gantry cranes

Suspension of lifting mechanisms is often a complex circumstance. So when a support point is required...

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