Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes



AUER Packaging is a German company with extensive experience in designing and developing packaging products. Through the continuous will to develop, the company has established itself over the last 30 years in one of the leading manufacturers of products for the transport and storage of synthetic materials. With excellent value for money and a comprehensive range of high quality products, it offers a complete shopping experience to customers – from ordering up to shipping the required load.

Big boxes solid

large, durable size

AUER Packaging’s closed fold-away large box is characterized by durable construction and solid side walls. Complies with ISO and EURO standards and, due to its high capacity, is particularly suitable for storage and transport of bulky heavy goods.

  • Choice of wheels and feet
  • Stackable with lid/li>
  • Easy to clean

Big boxes with ventilation slits

‘’The giants of food’’

The large AUER Packaging box with ventilation slots is mainly used for storing and transporting food, such as fruits and vegetables. Its smooth inner and outer walls made of hard, scratch-resistant plastic are easy to clean.

  • Volume-optimized side walls
  • Low own weight
  • Stackable with lid
  • Easy to clean

Big boxes with hinge lid

for extra comfort

The large AUER Packaging with lid and hinges (SA) combines all the advantages of a large range of cans with a functional hinge mounted on the lid and one of the long sides of the box. The lid opens at more than 90 degrees, making loading and unloading of the box particularly easy.

  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely Comfort to use

Collapsible big boxes solid

developing their real potential

The AUER Packaging’s fold-away large box has volume-optimized side walls that can be folded in when empty. So you can make the most of your storage and transport capabilities when the big box is full and empty.

  • Volume-optimized side walls
  • Special space saving when empty
  • Low own weight
  • Easy to clean

Collapsible big boxes with ventilation slits

ergonomic transportation

The large AUER Packaging folding box with ventilation slots is particularly suited for storing and transporting fragile products due to the effectiveness of the ventilation slits. When no gaps are used or transported, the side walls can be folded in just a few simple steps to save space and cost.

  • Ideal for transportation and storage of food
  • With ventilation slots
  • Volume-optimized side walls
  • Product-friendly design

Collapsible big boxes with 4 opening flaps

optimized handling

AUER Packaging AUER Packaging with 4 opening flaps offers convenience and ease of handling: four side wall fins provide quick and easy access to the contents. When no gaps are used or returned, the side walls can be folded inwards to save space.

  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Stackable with lid
  • Height when folded: 42 cm

Foldable large load carriers

stagnant space saving

AUER Packaging’s large folding carrier is extremely versatile: whether used as a food hygienic container or as a heat-sealing container, the large load carrier provides the best possible protection for its contents. To save costs during return leave, the side walls can simply be folded and reduce the tension tremendously.

  • Ideal for transportation and storage of food
  • Double wall insulation
  • Saving space when empty due to diploma
  • Can be stacked with a lid

Foldable IBC Bag in box system

foldable for liquids

The AUER Bag of Box provides maximum safety and hygiene with replaceable bags. The reusable container protects the liquid contents and provides ideal transport conditions due to its extremely rugged design. An antiseptic version of the investment pouches may also be provided upon request.

  • Reusable container
  • Simple handling
  • Hygiene – prevents wear
  • Optimal use of space
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