Cargo weighing

Cargo weighing systems

Crane Hoists - Tension Measurement Devices - Overload Limiters - Measuring Hydraulic Cylinders

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In many applications it is necessary to weigh the loads being transported. Weighing can be done in a variety of ways:

  • for heavy loads with a crane installed on a crane or a crane of a mobile crane or a system of floor weighing.
  • for precision measurements of smaller weights table scales are the best solution
  • for palletized loads the use of a pallet weigher
  • for loads moving on production lines (conveyor belts, etc.) the use of embedded weighing systems offers an advanced solution

Different systems are offered by wireless manipulation, printing of measurements with portable printer and / or computer connection for storing measurement data, measuring of pieces. The range of weights allows to measure from millimeters of gram up to 250 tonnes.

Finally, in this category are included mechanisms for tensioning (tensioning) of wire ropes as well as overload limiters (boundaries for bridge cranes).

All systems offered are certified to European Standards and can be calibrated for special uses.



TRACTEL® was founded in 1941. The first success came when he obtained a production license for the TIRFOR® guitar, a cable...



The engineer Gottlieb KERN founded his company in 1844 and manufactured the most precision scales of his time...



The German EHP company with over 36 years of experience is able to offer the right solution for any load weighing application...

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