Cargo operation and Storage

Cargo operation & Storage

The right warehouse management and safe cargo operation ensure delivery of the right products at the right time. Consolidation of orders and assembling of parts are also warehouse working activities that require design. Spanelas provides all the essentially tools which you need in order to reduce your management time and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. The advantage of ergonomic cargo operation is an economic advantage as well as maximizing the use of available storage space.

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Cargo operation

When cargos must be handled (or lifted) by machines on the ground, there are several solutions, depending on the requirements of...


Warehouse equipment

In all industrial areas, there are large and varied requirements for storage areas, cabinets (anti-explosion type * or non-explosive)...


Cargo weighing systems

In many applications it is necessary to weigh the loads being transported. Weighing can be done in a variety of ways...

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