Periodic Re-testing of Material


SPANELAS provides for each product a periodic report tab. According to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the relevant Regulations, lifting equipment must be thoroughly checked annually or after heavy stress. SPANELAS offers re-inspection services according to the product (visual inspection, over-weight charge control, dynamometer).

Installation and inspection of lifelines


  • Our longstanding avocation with high-level working activities, our high-level staff training in working at height, in rescues techniques and in sales of fall protection equipment enable us to provide to our customers with comprehensive solutions for designing fall arrest systems and for the suitable equipment selection.
  • We suggest solutions that we have already installed, are safe and efficient for users. The equipment and security systems we recommend to our customers are Tractel S.A. which has been in the field of personal protective equipment for many years now.
  • Designing and installing permanent fall protection systems for vertical or horizontal access provides the most confident solution to the problem minimizing the chance of human error. Its use does not require specialized staff.
  • Spanelas SA supply and install systems with rigid rails or wire ropes since 2010 in a number of applications such as roofs and facades of buildings, metal pillars of all types, industrial areas, vertical stairs already installed without a safety system.

Installation and training of lifting equipment


The sufficient knowledge of the European Lifting Equipment Regulations in our country, SPANELAS’s many years of experience in the field (ports, transport, industry, construction sites) and the technological peak of SPANELAS products allow us to provide comprehensive and reliable technical support to any problem of lifting, lashing and cargo handling.

Training and organization of seminars


According to the applicable Regulations, each company must ensure the knowledge of the lifting operators. For this purpose SPANELAS organizes Operator Training Seminars by experienced trainers with many years of practical experience in

  • Lifting equipment according to DIN EN 1492-1 and -2 – Slings with loops and endless slings , EN 818 – Lifting chains, DIN 3088 – Wire rope, ΕΝ 13889 – Shackles.
  • Lashing Loads according to EN 12195-2 – Lifting , EN 12195-3 – Chain tensioners.
  • Safe Work in Height (Personal Protective Equipment for Workers)

For all participants we give a certificate of education.

Electronic recording of materials


Spanelas offers the innovative electronic registry system EPIS.

Through the EPIS, an electronic database is created, which records all the necessary marking elements of each material that needs periodic inspection. The database maintains on-line attachment of all the necessary certificates ready for downloading or printing, the re-check date with a reminder for the programming of this work, as well as the data of the material control machine.

With this database the user can know where to find each material, in cases of control, when they have checked and which they are, when the next re-check is scheduled, as well as print the necessary certificates, which are attached to the respective material, without losing time in searches on files or vendors.

Where it is possible, there is a choice of a microchip to be placed on the materials in which there is a unit number (the chip identity) and where we can transfer all the necessary elements from our database which at any time we can read through a ‘read’ remote control.

We create the database and pass the material data. With the remote control, we pass the data to the corresponding chips on the materials. We get the data together with the unit number per material.

We transfer the data of each material to the corresponding unit number and update the database. We print the data collectively or by default, process them in our database, transfer the data to Excel in order to can open it in another computer.

We create the database and transfer the material data. With the remote control, we pass the data to the corresponding chips on the materials. We get the data together with the unit number per material.

For more information on the EPIS Electronic Register System, please contact us.

Load optimization


  • SPANELAS analyzes the loading data (special needs, products, devices)
  • Load research according to Standard EN 12195 and Special Protocols (for non-road transport)
  • Proposal – selection of the most suitable safe load-lashing materials, considering the following factors: safety, ergonomics, loading speed, economy of scale, value for money, lifetime
  • On-site lashing supply by tests and optimization (fine tuning)

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Lifting research


  • Lifting data analysis
  • Research based on corresponding European Standards for the use of lifting equipment
  • Finding appropriate Lifting Means and Devices with safety, ergonomics, value for money, material life

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Certified inspection & service center


SPANELAS SA is a certified partner for the maintenance of re-inspection as well as repair of industrial lifting equipment such as hoists and clamps.

The specialized and highly trained, by the manufactures, is able to diagnose and repair your industrial equipment.

Specifically, SPANELAS SA is a recognized inspection and repair center of Crosby, USA, and Tractel, France.

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