Lifting Points

Lifting points

safe and ergonomic cargo management


Attachment points = Advantages

Every machine, every construction element must be provided with one or several suitable transport devices. Only in this way can during the single production sequences, with the assembly, with the delivery (train or truck transport), with the customer final assemly, an optimum of handling speed with a maximum of safety for staff and construction be guaranteed.

Lifting points – a mandatory necessity which has been given little attention by many constructors. Mostly eye bolts according to DIN 580 from C 15 are used or sheet constructions are provided which are construed neither for possible titled load or are oversized in such a way that hooks with a smaller mouth width and safety catch cannot be hung up.

Lifting points


Max. transportation weight “G” in “t” for different lifting methods

  • All carrying parts crack tested or test loaded according to EN 1677
  • With screwable RUD-lifting points also the screws are 100 % crack tested
  • 4-fold safety in every load direction
  • Adjust type VRS and LBG in load direction
  • RUD-patented features, such as clamp spring (LBS) for silencing and distance knobs for the perfect root seam welding increase the areas of application.
  • Low construction heights, high dynamic and static strengths

Lifting points


With tested safety – loadable on all sides

  • For lifting points the regulations BGR 500 apply, 2.8
    conforms to the machine directive 2006/42/EG.
  • With screwable RUD-lifting points also the screws are 100 % crack tested
  • After the assembly and before every startup the liftingpoints are to be controlled upon functionality and operational capability.
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