Trolley roller skates

Trolley roller skates

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Load shifting skates because of the superior technology they use, they offer easy use and safe operation of heavy loads. The machines that move the skates can be moved with minimal force and push, as their low profile keeps the load close to the ground. They are equipped with polyurethane wheels to avoid damage and scars on sensitive ground.


solutions for cargo lifting and operation

Whenever man’s power is not enough to lift or operate heavy loads, Pfaff-Silberblau comes. He cares for the right moves with professional technique, certified security and intelligent systems solutions, all over the world for over 140 years.

Pfaff-silberblau is based in Germany and operates worldwide, develops and produces modern products and solutions with an ever-increasing range of products: lifting and handling loads, rail and road materials, stage materials (for concerts, etc.) and personalized solutions for different industries.

Some of the Pfaff materials that offer solutions for lifting and handling loads are presented below:

  • Pallet Hoists: Simple, Electric, Lifting
  • Shifting Skates: Wheelhouse, Linked Back Skates
  • Jacks: Mechanic, Hydraulic
  •  Elevating platform: Mobile, Fixed
  •   Stacker: Manual, Semi-Electric, Electric

For more information on Pfaff products contact us.

Jung Hebe- und Transporttechnik

transport trolleys for cargo transporting

Since 1972 machine manufacturer, heavy duty carrier and industrial undertaking trust in JUNG. ‘Made by JUNG’ stands for quality, which is distributed worldwide since 1993.From us you acquire high-quality hydraulic jacks and transport trolleys. For single use, it is also possible to rent our equipment.

Among useful information like technical details and videos, which show the application, you will also find our dates for exhibition. Further we will keep you updated about current innovation and extension of our product range. Besides hydraulic jacks and transport trolleys, we also manufacture trolleys for internal logistics. You will find all information under products.

OX Worldwide

self-propelled trolleys

OX Worldwide designs, manufactures and manufactures self-propelled trolleys from 30 up to 200 tones to solve any problem in cargo transport in industrial areas.

The Self propelled trolley | Self-powered trolley of low height offer a range of 260 mm up to a maximum of 450 mm, with a large load capacity (from 30 to 200 tons) and a very low height, with the possibility of making complete turns of 360º designed to place them under any type of element and displacement, you can also use models with hydraulic lifting cylinder to load in cars or racks.

Main features:

  • Great maneouvrability in small spaces.
  • Suitable for rough, dusty and uneven surfaces.
  • Remote control incorporated. Easy and intuitive to drive.
  • Reduced and economic maintenance.

2 trolley types available:

  • OX-ST: Three-phase supply trolley.
  • OX-TBC: Three-phase supply, battery and load lifting cilinder trolley.
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