Cader is specialized in production and sales of edge and corner protection, pallet stabilization, strapping and load securing, aimed at securing, protecting and stabilizing goods during transportation and storage.

Cader is part of the US corporation Carlyle and is part of the Signode Industrial Group, a world market leader in the field of packaging materials, strapping and machines.

Cader operates together with the Dutch production facilities of Angleboard and Van Antwerpen Cartonnage (V.A.C.) as part of the division Protective Packaging, leader in the field of corner and edge protection, strapping systems, packaging and cargo securing with 24 production companies in Europe, the US and the Far East. Cader can serve you anywhere in the world with its international production and distribution network.

For us no trip is too far! With Cader products you can be certain that your goods are safely and securely packed. Everywhere and every time, repeatedly and reliably. Our certified, innovative and durable products and solutions in the field of goods packaging and securing, are introduced, demonstrated and delivered to you by our team of specialists. We have been doing this for more than 30 years with speed, enthusiasm, knowledge and the highest attention for optimal client service.