Düperthal, Germany, is the leading company with more than 35 years experience in the manufacture of explosion-proof cabinets. By this term, we mean the cabinets in which we store flammable materials to avoid explosion due to the reaction in the event of a fire. Düperthal’s cabinets have a fire resistance of up to 90 minutes, time enough to prevent the fire brigade from coming and extinguishing the fire without the risk of explosion at the time of fire.

As a leading German quality and technology company, we set standards in designing system solutions for the optimized process of storage chemical and hazardous materials. All our products and solutions are specially designed to meet your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness – even in situations where there is no risk of fire. As a customer, you will always feel that you are in safe hands. This is what we, as a family business, support. This is the original

The main types of cabinets are:

  • Safety cabinets
  • Safety cabinets for health care facilities
  • Safety cabinets for gas cylinders

In addition, some other materials that are combined with cabinets and are part of the range of products of the same company are:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Safety containers / cleaning equipment
  • Storage, barrel accessories, etc
  • Emergency showers
  • Trash cans and safety chairs