Weighing technology:

  • Precision and high-tech quality

EHP-Wägetechnik GmbH has its headquarters in D-77815 Bühl/Baden, Germany and was founded in 1979. to manufacture weighing equipments for industrial applications.

Beginning in machine and plant control systems, today the company is one of the world\’s leading suppliers of systems for weighing applications. Realizing that earlier weighing systems with analogue displays could be unstable, difficult to read and subject to incorrect operation, EHP developed the first digital crane scale.

The original concept called for digital crane scales functions providing accurate measurement of weight, even in hostile environments, and close proximity to high heat sources, as in foundries for the manufacture of steel and treating spheroidal and grey cast iron.

Today, EHP crane scales are used wherever goods are transported and transferred by crane and need to be weighed at the same time, quickly and efficiently with a high accuracy of 0,03 % and repeatability:

  • Industrial weighing processes
  • Weighing under extreme high temperatures and robust usage (foundries)
  • Control of goods in/goods out
  • Steel trade
  • Paper industry
  • Weighing of rolled steel and sheet metal (coils)
  • Reverse weighing for dosing cement and all bulk loading applications
  • Test loading, safety checks and calibrating of scales and lifting equipment etc.
  • Scrap weighing using lifting magnets (shock loading protected)

1986 EHP achieved as the first company internationally to offer crane weighing systems of OIML approved versions.

In the area of weighing technology, we can offer a full range of services:

Research, development, construction and production all from one company as well as the hardware for the weighing application, the software is also included in our range. We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, member of the German Union of machine and equipment manufacturers (VDMA).