Fezer is one of the world’s leading air handling companies with outstanding reputation throughout the world – already over 75 years.

High quality products, impeccable service and effective advisory response are the core axes of Fezer. The above is based, of course, on many years of experience and on creative and highly active staff.

Fezer offers a versatile and versatile program for vacuum-handling materials handling solutions.

This consists of:

  • Pipe Lifting (for Various Materials)
  • VacuBoy (for lifting, overturning and rotating loads up to 2,000kg)
  • VacuGiant (for lifting, overturning and rotating loads over 2,000kg)
  • VacuCoil (for lifting and roll-over of metal or paper rolls)
  • VacuPoro (for lifting and tipping materials)
  • VacuWood (for lifting and tipping wood)
  • VacuTrans (lifting and transport systems)
  • VacuStand (Vacuum Stands)
  • Crane Systems (cranes etc.).