Based on Oise in France, the company was founded in 1832, but great development began after the end of the Second World War. When winches became necessary in many industrial applications, the company took the lead in the market: over 15,000 traction / lifting materials are delivered each year from 100kg to 7.5t (standard models), either manually or electrically, petrol, petroleum, hydraulic or pneumatic.

Huchez is above all a family business that since 1950 has been undergoing continuous technical and commercial development and has managed to spread throughout the world.

Huchez’s range of products includes:

  • Manual Winch
  • Electric Winch (up to ~ 1t)
  • Electric Winch Heavy Duty (up to ~ 11t)
  • Air Winch
  • Diesel or Petrol Winch
  • Hydraulic Winch

Additionally, it is possible to manufacture specialized solutions as well as various other materials for lifting or pulling. For more information please contact us.