new pig

New Pig

Leaking and cleaning containment materials. New Pig, Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of detergents for industrial use. It has the most comprehensive range of such products that are applicable in indoor and outdoor spaces. They deal with any cause of leaking or spilling of oils, coolants and derivatives of oil, water and other chemical liquids with great success. With 8 layers of high absorbability of heat-sealed polypropylene sheets, Pig Mat products are the most durable in the world. Applications Leaking and cleaning containment materials

Their color determines according to their use:

  • Grey: oils, coolants, water
  • Brown: exclusively for oils
  • Pink: chemicals, abrasives, acids, bases
  • White: fuels, kerosene, soluble colors, minerals, oil.

They are also divided into the following main categories:

  • Absorbent materials: Pig Absorbent Socks , Pig Mat, Pillows and Pig Walk-on
  • Products for leaking and spilling containment
  • Products for leaking and spilling containment/maintenance
  • Products for transporting and maintenance materials
  • Pig Containment products for drums and tanks
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