Whenever man’s power is not enough to lift or operate heavy loads, Pfaff-Silberblau comes. He cares for the right moves with professional technique, certified security and intelligent systems solutions, all over the world for over 140 years.

Pfaff-silberblau is based in Germany and operates worldwide, develops and produces modern products and solutions with an ever-increasing range of products: lifting and handling loads, rail and road materials, stage materials (for concerts, etc.) and personalized solutions for different industries.

Some of the Pfaff materials that offer solutions for lifting and handling loads are presented below:

  • Pallet Hoists: Simple, Electric, Lifting
  • Shifting Skates: Wheelhouse, Linked Back Skates
  • Jacks: Mechanic, Hydraulic
  •  Elevating platform: Mobile, Fixed
  •   Stacker: Manual, Semi-Electric, Electric

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