The company’s original machines were designed and manufactured at Gressenhall in 1976. As Premier, it was set up in 1993 to meet customer demand to buy pallet converters directly and already has over 30 years of industry experience.

Premier Pallet Rollers are sold in more than 35 countries through an extensive distribution network. It can be comfortably appreciated that in a wide range of products, more devices are sold each year by Premier than by any other supplier worldwide.

Premier is the world’s largest pallet tipping / shifting machine with 8 different types of rollers to offer solutions for all kinds of loads.

Premier’s policy has encouraged customers to test the equipment before purchasing or when it is not possible to visit an existing application to a customer. The prospective customer must be 100% happy with the inverter to be purchased. Always has rental machines, whether in the short or long term, and with a very flexible program to convert the rental to a leasing or an integrated purchase later.