Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbH (WDI) was founded in 1856 by Carl Hobrecker in Hamm, Germany, under the brand name “Hobrecker, Witte and Herbers”, and was the first European windmill manufacturer to use locomotives.

In 1872 the company was publicly registered and renamed “Aktiengesellschaft Westfälischer Draht-Industrie-Verein”, making it the largest company in the world to produce wire ropes. Apart from various structural changes, WDI later became a member of the major steel companies in Germany, such as Klöckner, Krupp and Hoesch.

In 1993, Werner Pampus became a majority shareholder and led WDI to its independence. Under his leadership, WDI has become one of Europe’s leading wire mesh manufacturers and a strategic partner for the cable industry and beyond

Looking at the 150-year tradition, WDI has become the largest power cable manufacturer in Europe. Today, finished products are manufactured in 17 locations throughout Germany.

The group operates in eight business areas, each of which is dedicated to high quality standards. They all play a leading role in their particular industry.