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Lifting and secure fastening of loads requires a global approach to ensure the highest level of safety for both workers / workers and migrants. Producers and handlers must act responsibly as everyone is accountable for the security levels achieved in each company. SpanSet’s goal is to provide effective solutions with documented levels of safety for the lifting-tethering requirements and problems, regardless of their complexity.

The excellent technical support and study of lifting and mooring issues is one of the key services offered by SpanSet / Spanelas.

SpanSet, having decades of experience in these areas and following European legislation, offers top quality products that deliver secure lifting and material transportation. This translates into less costs due to accident avoidance and more comfortable work due to the confidence that inspires the company’s materials and the solutions offered through them.

The two main product categories of SpanSet are:


Lifting straps

SPANELAS has 30-year know-how and ISO 9001 certified production process for the manufacture of polyester lifting slings according to...


Lashing straps

Cargo transport is an operation that can cause many problems if not executed in a proper way, combined with top quality equipment...

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