RollerForks Forks

RollerForks Forks


The RollerForks forks consist of multiple rows of bearings and can be placed on the existing forklifts. With the Roller forks system, the use of pallets is completely eliminated. Instead of a pallet in the load base, a slip sheet is placed. Forks easily penetrate the cardboard and carry the load.

The special cartons can be stretched with streak film or incorporated into any other palletizing method.


  • Lower cost per pallet. The slip sheet costs far less than a wooden pallet. Less charge on the final recipient with non-productive costs.
  • Minimize the cost of pallet storage. The slip sheet virtually does not occupy any storage space.
  • Increase storage space per container by 15-20%. The slip sheets are of zero thickness.
  • Roller forks can also be used as standard forks. There is no time to place them.
  • Rapid absorption of the Roller forks system.

If your customers do not use Roller forks and there will be a problem of unloading, a comprehensive Roller forks acquisition solution could be proposed by all the companies involved. Benefit in this case is the significantly lower cost of the pair of Roller forks.

RollerForks® Forks

ideal for handling stack loads

Whereas the introduction of slip-sheets has been extremely successful within many sectors, the hydraulic push pull attachments required are often so heavy and expensive they counteract any potential benefits. This is why Meijer Handling Solutions introduced its patented mechanical RollerForks® system. This attachment is ideal for handling single-stacked loads. For multi-stacked goods go to RollerForks® Push-Pull or Push-Pulls

ROLLERFORKS® are special-purpose forklift truck attachments that can be used to load and unload containers/trucks and can be mounted on all existing forklift trucks, ideally with a tilt option. The patented ROLLERFORKS® is one of the most common handling solutions for single stacked goods because of its overall handling speed..

  • Less expensive than push-pulls.
  • No hydraulics required.
  • Higher-rated forklift truck unnecessary.
  • Compatible with standard pallets.
  • Improved safety and visibility.
  • Higher operating speed.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Simplified handling procedures
  • No axial forces exerted.

Rollerforks® Push-Pulls

a revolutionary pallet-free handling solution

Rollerforks® Push-Pulls combines the RollerForks® cost-saving benefits with proven push-pull technology, creating a revolutionary pallet-free handling solution.

Using the unique Rollerforks Push-Pull combination, it is now possible to load and unload containers and / or trailers with loads stacked one above the other faster than ever. This patented innovation combines Rollerforks’ cost-saving benefits along with proven push-pull technology, creating a revolutionary pallet-free handling solution. Rollerforks® Push-Pull is a system consisting of a Rollerforks® plate instead of slabs.

  • Ideal for handling multiple stacked objects.
  • The forklift width can be adjusted to provide the best possible load stability.
  • We offer flexibility for use with standard pallets as well as palletised loads.
  • Improved handling speed reduces the times and costs of work cycles.


for handling multiple stacked products

This hydraulic forklift attachment is used for handling multiple stacked products and comes with only one function to operate the faceplate and gripper.The push-pull attachment is made up of laser cut components making the attachment less in weight but keeping the strength of using solid material. Push-Pulls are used for handling multiple stacked goods and comes with only one function to operate the faceplate and gripper.

  • High tensile steel forks and components.
  • Less weight because of special design.
  • One hydraulic function for push/pull and gripper movement.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Face plate pre-angle of 4 degrees.
  • Minimum lost load thickness.


the revolution in the movement of cargo without pallets