Crane scales


Crane scales

TRACTEL® was founded in 1941. The first success came when he obtained a production license for the TIRFOR® guitar, a cable traction and lifting tool that passes through the mechanism. At that time, the TIRFOR ® guitar was a revolutionary tool that helped handle various kinds of cargo. Since then, TRACTEL® has continued to research and produce leading materials, including electro-mechanical Tirfor (1975), crane scales up to 250 tones (in the 1980s) and Personal Protective Equipment (for safe work at height, 90’s ).

The know-how and experience that has developed over the years and all of the above materials make TRACTEL® a leader among the companies producing and developing similarly materials.

The wide range of Tractel products includes:

Dynafor™ MWX +

scale equipped with a ring and a hook securely

Balance equipped with a ring and a hook securely. Optional wireless screen and remote control.

Dynafor™ MWX + and MWX + TR are part of the range of crane range products. They are particularly suited for the quantitative determination of hanging loads (kg) in industrial environments.

  • Precision: 0.1%
  • Capacity from 500 kg to 25 tonnes.
  • Optional wireless manual screen.
ModelStandardAvec lecture à distance radio (Code)Avec lecture à distance infra-rouge (Code)
MWX 0.5 t989799911999049
MWX 1 t989899912999059
MWX 2 t989999913999069
MWX 3.2 t990099914999079
MWX 5 t992999931999309
MWX 6.3 t990199915999089
MWX 12.5 t990299916999099
MWX 25 t990399917999109