Rope working Accessories

Rope working Accessories

Rope working accessories are used in conjunction with fall arrest systems either for saving-helping the worker, either for intervention work

They can not be used autonomously as a fall protection system.

Anchor plate

  • Operates with a rope of diameter Φ8 to Φ12
  • It is always re-tuned to the wire rope in conjunction with a right or left climbing handle
  • Weight 106g

Ascender foot-loop

  • With adjustable strap

Chest rope clamp

  • Self-locking arrester for ropes of 8 to 12 mm
  • With ascent handled rope clamp enables ascension on a rope

The chest rope clamp is made of light aluminum alloy The handle’s jaw provides perfect gripping on wet, oily and muddy ropes. Complies with EN367


Ascender right and left

  • Complies with EN567
  • Works on rope 8-13mm
  • Weight 205g
Right ascender20492
Left ascender20502