Polyethylene nets

Polyethylene nets

protection with flexibility

The PaXafe durable insurance nets are available in various sizes and are designed to lash loads up to 2,000kg. Whether for the caravan, the trellis, the van or the container, using PaXafe nets makes you sure for having a safe journey.

  • Material: Knitted polyethylene
  • With knots, square size: 45mm
  • With reinforced finish: 8mm
  • Color: Green
  • Material thickness: about 2.5mm
  • Operating temperature range: from 85 °C to 90 °C
  • Certified according to EN 12195 and VDI 2700
  • Certified and marked with the appropriate sign from DEKRA as a Load Insurance Net
  • Packaged autonomously in a transparent plastic case with an internal label.

By using PaXafe Insurance Nets you can quickly and effortlessly secure any kind of load in caravans, trucks and trellis. Additionally, handling the 4-straps net with buckles is very flexible: spread the net over the load, secure it with the buckles and are ready. Result: No problem with police checks and no damage from lost or damaged cargo.

Paxafe Load Insurance Nets offer insurance which you can rely on it. That’s why they are certified by DEKRA and equipped with a firmly sewn label.

Load Insurance Nets Paxafe

Certified by DEKRA

Dimensions (mm)
2000 x 3000
4000 x 3000
2500 x 3500
3500 x 6000
3500 x 5000
1500 x 2200
1300 x 1600

Includes 4 lashing straps with buckles
1500 x 2700

Nets for trucks and cars