Trolleys and beam clamps

Trolleys and beam clamps


The Trolleys and beam clamps are materials on which the winches are hung. Beam clamps are fixed lifting points.

Types of trolleys::

  • Lifting trolley
  • Pulling trolley
  • Electric

Additionally, there are other categories, such as low and ultra low-headroom, explosion-proof, etc. For more information contact us.

Travelling anchor point trolley

with endless chain driv

1 T23339Large 1T108929
2 T23349Large 2T108939
3 T23359Large 3 T108949
5 T23369Large 5 T108959

Pushing Trolley


  • Model from 250kg to 10t
  • Easy adjustment to the size of the steel beam using crank
  • Bumper stop and derailment guard
  • Movement is achieved through pushing