RS Endless Round Slings

RS Endless Round Slings

This type of sling is made of high strength polyester fibers inside a polyester covering.

In this type the straps outweigh the common soft straps (type E) at the following points:

  • The width of the covering is 30% smaller
  • The thickness of the protective covering is increased by 40%.
  • Indication with full load (embroidered) to be legible and indelible
  • Minimizing the width of the covering improves the suspension points of the strap
  • Better sliding in loop lifting due to the softer surfaces of the covering.
  • Color indication according to the Euronorm CEN regulations.
  • Safety factor 7 : 1.
  • Lighter than the chain and the rope for lifting a corresponding load.
  • Its shape adapts to the suspension points and is flexible: it is not necessary to work across the whole width.

Endless Slings

Lifting capacity varies from 0.5 T to 60 T

RS series is in compliance with European regulations

Color indication according to the Euronorm CEN rules

Certified according to EN 1492-2

An indication of the workload along its length (embroidered) to be legible and indelible.

RS Series Endless slings

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