Webbing slings CS (4-ply)

Webbing slings CS (4-ply)

The slings are made of high strength polyester fibers having the following characteristics:

  • Thermostabilization processing
  • Treatment against ultraviolet rays (UV protection)
  • Paint
  • Reinforced polyester protection loops
  • SWL working load label
  • Resistance to ambient temperature up to 100 °C
  • Excellent antifreeze quality
  • Elongation at working load up to 3%
  • Strength of the strap in acids with density below 50% and temperature up to 40 °C
  • Oils and seawater do not affect the strap endurance
  • Safety factor 7 : 1

Flat straps CS (4-ply)

Nominal lifting capacity varies from 2 T to 20 T

It does not cause wear due to the large surface of the suspension

Easier to handle due to lower weight

Indicate workload (Vd VL) with a tab

Manufactured and Certified according to EN 1492-1

4-ply Heavy load lifting belt

Protective sleeve polyurethane coating