Vacuum lifting equipment

Vacuum lifting equipment


Fezer is one of the world’s leading air handling companies with outstanding reputation throughout the world – already over 75 years. High quality products, impeccable service and effective advisory response are the core axes of Fezer. The above is based, of course, on many years of experience and on creative and highly active staff.

Fezer offers a versatile and versatile program for vacuum-handling materials handling solutions.

This consists of:

  • Pipe Lifting (for Various Materials)
  • VacuBoy (for lifting, overturning and rotating loads up to 2,000kg)
  • VacuGiant (for lifting, overturning and rotating loads over 2,000kg)
  • VacuCoil (for lifting and roll-over of metal or paper rolls)
  • VacuPoro (for lifting and tipping materials)
  • VacuWood (for lifting and tipping wood)
  • VacuTrans (lifting and transport systems)
  • VacuStand (Vacuum Stands)
  • Crane Systems (cranes etc.).


Application: VacuQuicklift with pneumatic switching mechanism and surface suction gripper. Suction and release will succeed in single-handed way at each stroke through the automatic switching equipment. Surface suction gripper with integrated ejector.

  • Measurement: 12.000 x 2.500 x 10 mm
  • Weight: max. 40 kg


Application: Transport and rotation of wooden wall boards with a maximum weight of 2500 kg. The turning operation will be effected through two geared motors which swivel with the unit.

  • Material: wooden plates for housebuilding
  • Measurement: 12.000 x 3.000
  • Weight: max. 2.500 kg


Application: Complete device with construction made of steel, suspension track system and stiff lifting system with pneumatic clamp and rotor system, for the feeding of a cleaning station and subsequent spilling in storage containers.

  • Material: Blanked parts made of steel
  • Weight: max. 50 kg / container


lifting rotation up to 2000Kg

These FEZER lifters are suitable for horizontal transport, rotation or rotation over plate materials of all kinds. Vacuum lifters represent absolutely mild handling, efficient and ergonomic working procedures with the highest operational safety. For this reason, all manual lifts are equipped with the unique “central switch supervision”, which sets new standards for vacuum lifting safety.

For Vacuboy product – lift up to 2000Kg


special vacuum lifters for handling glue beams

With the VacuWood series, Fezer offers special vacuum hoists for handling glue beams. They are able to carry parts over 24 meters in a safe and gentle way. For raw boards there are special suction suction cups that guarantee 100% watertightness. In addition, the hoists can be equipped with a water separator, rotating handle for long boards and electric control. This guarantees you high operational safety and fast, rational procedures.

Suitable for the following uses

  • Binding of boards after sawing
  • Placing and removing from the warehouse
  • Handling of planks


a special vacuum lifter for handling porous materials

With the VacuPoro range, FEZER offers a special vacuum lifter for handling porous materials. Powerful vacuum blowers guarantee a completely safe working air gap. For different applications, the hoists are available in a horizontal or rotating design. Both designs are convincing with their robust construction and simple electrical control. Fezer also offers special designs in flat construction or for loads of several tons.

Suitable for the following uses

  • Handling of chipboard, MDF or OSB
  • Supply of upright timber handling machines
  • Handling of wooden boards


vacuum lifters for handling coils and paper rolls

VacuCoil FEZER offers vacuum lifters for handling coils and paper rolls. Depending on the requirements, the hoists can be equipped with a steel, aluminum or plastic suction plate. Depending on the density of the material, strong generators are used to create a safe working vacuum. In addition, the hoists can be equipped with features such as cabin supervision, automatic control of the required chambers or submarines for large transport routes.

Suitable for the following uses

  • Handling the coils
  • Inserting or removing materials from the storage area
  • Used to automatically store rolls of paper

VacuPowerlift Lifter

simple and easy operation

The VacuPowerlift Lifter captures with its simple and easy operation. With just one hand, heavy loads of up to 200 kg can be moved and managed effortlessly. Supported by powerful pumps and blowers it can achieve a lifting speed of up to 50 m/min

This guarantees high performance when stacking or putting into operation different transport goods. The VacuPowerlift Lifter VacuPowerlift not only excels because of its simple operation and high functionality, but also proves to be the ideal partner.
It relieves the operator all day and thus guarantees a more humane and safer workplace where work is really fun.

Application areas for VacuPowerlifts are almost unlimited. It is used in many industries, simplifies production processes and greatly improves performance.

Suitable for the following uses

  • Packaging and logistics support of cardboard boxes
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical chemical and pharmaceutical industry for drums and barrels
  • Photovoltaic industry for glass and finished parts
  • Wood, plastic and metal industry for slabs
  • Construction industry for stones and parts of concrete
  • Supply of all kinds of CNC machines
  • Handling of final machines and machine parts
  • Electronic industry of electrical appliances and more


high quality products for materials handling solutions