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Forklift Truck Attachments

Our Mission — Extending Our Success Into the Future. Cascade Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling equipment and related technologies.

As Cascade lays the groundwork for continued growth and success, our primary objectives are:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by continually improving the quality and value of Cascade products and services.
  • Provide all employees with challenging and rewarding opportunities to utilize their talents and experience in contributing to our shared success.

Earn a return on our capital that ensures the long term financial health and viability of our company.

Success in the pursuit of these goals requires that all employees strive for excellence in everything they do in every aspect of our business. Continuous improvement is essential — in our products, our services, our interpersonal relationships, our competitiveness and our profitability. Growing to meet customer needs “If we are not moving ahead, we are falling behind.” That’s the premise behind Cascade Corporation’s ambitious growth strategy.

20A Fork Positioner

for any application where special fork positions are required

The 20A Fork Positioner was developed to facilitate sideshifting pallets all the way to one side of the fork positioner. It is suitable for any application where special fork positions are required to handle loads near the outside edges of the frame.


  • Ability to position both forks over center to one side or the other to handle pallets on the very edge of the Fork Positioner.
  • Integral mounting provides low effective thickness resulting in high residual capacity, ITA mounting is also available.
  • Pin-Mounted forks provide smooth, quiet fork positioning.
  • Excellent operator visibility through and around the frame.
  • Ability to sideshift 800 mm wide pallets up to 51 mm outside of the frame.
  • Ability to sideshift 800 mm wide pallets up to 72 mm outside the frame with 1050 mm frames.
  • Fork spacer ring to prevent forks from colliding, allowing for smooth, quiet operation

36 Fork Positioner

For loads handling where exact position is required

The 36 Fork positioner was developed to facilitate pallets hat require exact position as well as extremely stable forks. It has proven application and resilience to the fishing industry in managing fish vessels where the load is lifted by placing the forks on the outer sides of the cargo. It is suitable for any application that requires extreme precision and steady position of the forks.


  • Pinned forks with fixed pins provide stable smooth and quiet fork positioning.
  • Excellent visibility of the user in and around the component frame.
  • It is optionally available at a 45 degree angle for handling rolls with forks mounted inside or outside.


the most efficient and rugged attachments of the market

These Push/Pulls are rugged, heavy duty attachments for high cycle slipsheet applications requiring high productivity with low maintenance. The Cascade dedicated push/pulls are the best performing and durable Push/Pull available.

Features and Benefits

  • 4° tilting faceplate with industry leading visibility windows for increased load handling productivity
  • Gripper Jaw firmly grips slipsheet consistently limiting slip sheet damage and extending slip sheet life
  • Clean hydraulic plumbing design for long life and leak resistance.
  • Rugged dual cylinder Pantograph Mechanism for long life in the most demanding applications
  • Adjustable T1 steel platens with chamfered tips for smooth load transfers and reduced product damage
  • “Cushion” cylinders reduce operating noise
  • Sideshift J-plate is automatically engaged when the push/pull is set on the truck carriage.
  • Quick disconnect models do not require a false carriage

Rotators D-Series

Heavy duty, high capacity

Heavy duty, high capacity D-Series Rotators provide your driver with the ability to quickly dump or invert many loads easily and precisely. Cascade high capacity rotators are widely used in automotive manufacturing, chemical processing, waste and recycling operations, smelting and casting operations– anywhere it is necessary to dump or rotate large capacity loads.


  • Rugged Construction − Cascade’s gear drive box and ring gear design are proven to provide superior service life.
  • Visibility − The drive box and motor are positioned behind the baseplate to provide maximum visibility for the forklift driver.
  • Visibility Window − For good second tier visibility.
  • Rotational Torque − Excellent torque specifications ensure smooth, positive rotation of the load. .
  • Two Motor Configuration − Two motor configuration for added rotational speed
  • Four Motor Configuration − Assures gear train performance in high torque applications


  • Special Fork Sizes and Configurations.
  • Heavy Duty Solid Faceplate for Foundry Applications.
  • Fork Bar Width − Many fork bar widths are available to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Forks − Rotators may be ordered with forks or with fork bars only.
  • Side Stabilizers − To help retain load during rotation