TRACTEL® was founded in 1941. The first success came when he obtained a production license for the TIRFOR® guitar, a cable traction and lifting tool that passes through the mechanism. At that time, the TIRFOR ® guitar was a revolutionary tool that helped handle various kinds of cargo. Since then, TRACTEL® has continued to research and produce leading materials, including electro-mechanical Tirfor (1975), crane scales up to 250 tones (in the 1980s) and Personal Protective Equipment (for safe work at height, 90’s ).

The know-how and experience that has developed over the years and all of the above materials make TRACTEL® a leader among the companies producing and developing similarly materials.

The wide range of Tractel products includes:

Dynaplug HF 44

electronic tensor

The Dynaplug was developed for PPE ‘s (Personal Protection Equipment) testing of safety lifelines anchor points, but it can obviously be used in other application where the safety of the anchor points is critical.

The Dynaplug conforms to the PPE norm EN 795 A and follows the procedures laid out in that norm.