Freestanding and Kee walk safety railing system

Freestanding and Kee walk safety railing system

Kee walk system

safe, anti-slip, surface level for roof access

Working on roofs can be extremely dangerous, especially in wet or wintry conditions. Kee Walk® System provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for means of access to and across roofs. It provides a demarcation route which protects the roof membrane from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage.


  • Ideal for use on flat, barrel and sloping roofs, the system’s step and traverse options allow access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0° to 35°

Design & Installation

  • The modular system provides a simple approach using standard pre-assembled 1.5 & 3m (5’ & 10’) lengths joined together by a 100mm (4”) long straight connector which attaches to the bearer bars. All units are standard 625mm (24.6”) wide.
  • The product can be installed in a longitudinal or transverse configuration to suit the required roof membrane. In the case of a transverse requirement the walkway is mounted on to a sub frame fixed to the roof. The two sections are joined via a hinge with hinged brackets at the rear of the assembly. The unique rotating cam arms allow the units to be easily adjusted to the correct angle to ensure the walkway is level.Steps are also pre-assembled in 1.5 and 3m (5’ & 10’) lengths. They can be either free standing or fixed to the roof covering and have an open design to ensure water drains away efficiently. Standard stair treads are 225mm (8.85”) going. The unique rotating cam arms allow the stair units to be easily adjusted to the correct angle to ensure a regular rise and going.
  • Standard components are available for:- 0° to 10° | 10° to 15° | 15° to 25° | 25° to 35°

Certification:  CE approved to EN 516 Class1-C (Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing – Installations for roof access – Walkways, treads and steps). Fire Rated to Class HB of UL94 (Harmonised with ISO 9772). Slip Resistant Compliant to BS 4592.

Legistation: Kee Safety designs and manufactures its equipment to the highest standards. The Kee Walk® System has been designed to ensure compliance with a number of regulations including:
HSG 33 Health & Safety in Roof Work Construction (Design and Management Regulations), Work at Height Regulations Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations

Protective rails


The protective rails provided by TRACTEL® are also fall arrest systems and are part of the collective protective gear group. Their task is to secure a region along its edge. The self-protection railings offered by TRACTEL® can be used on all types of terraces. It consists of horizontal rods and vertical posts with a height of 1.10 m made of galvanized steel to which cement blocks have been added for stabilization.

The Tractel® Free-Standing Rail is a system that is compatible with all the roof-top configurations. The system is designed for installation on new and existing ceilings

  • is made of galvanized steel.
  • the posts are aligned and placed on the roof every 1.50 m and with 3 m rails.
  • an additional plate can optionally be fitted.
  • this system consists of 1.10 m positions where compensating concrete is placed to ensure the stability of the assembly
  • installation does not require any perforation of the roof sealing system or special tools.
  • the ideal solution for group fall protection on asphalted roofs or roofs with a polymer sealing system
  • Complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN ISO 14122-3 and the Dutch ARBO 3.16

Protective rails EN 14122

To optimize installation costs and assembly time, the number of jobs to be done on site is reduced to a minimum. In this respect, the rails and end fittings are assembled and secured by the rivet. The protective rails have good durability over time and do not require much maintenance.