Fall arrest-line slidding on rail for vertical movement

Fall arrest-line slidding on rail for vertical movement

Since 1965, FABA has introduced vertical or horizontal stairs, based on a modular and robust design. FABA offers complete solutions as well as safety rails for secure access to your premises. The complete range of materials ensures the existence of a safety system complies with EN 353-1

FABA guarantees the user the safety of climbing and descending to all possible facilities such as pillars, metal constructions, chimneys, mines etc.

The user must user a harness-safe belt, connected directly to the FABA slider. The trolleys have a simple mechanical design and are driven by the internal profile of the FABA rail. They offer good tolerances for installation and use.

FABA systems can be dyed according to the user’s requirements, and because of their design they can be used at very low temperatures.

Permanent vertical fall arresters system on rail

galvanized or stainless steel

It was introduced in 1965 and is the forerunner of vertical access systems. The safety rail and the stretcher are symmetrical. The fall protection system can be inserted into each address of the security guideline.

  • Safety rail profile 68x56x2.8mm
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel (1.4571)
  • Version: Staircase with a central point or only a driver
  • Distance between stop: 140mm
  • Distance between stairs: 280mm
  • Steps: Tilted forward or welded to the rear of the rail
  • Ladder width: 408mm
  • Initial length: 2800mm
  • Adjustable lengths: 1960, 1680, 1400 and 1120 mm
  • Maximum distance between anchor points 1960 mm

Vertical Fall arrester system on rail


The FABA A12 system has been on the market since 1995. It is the logical development of the FABA A11 but in a lighter and smaller version. The design of the safety rail and trolley is asymmetrical and ensures that the bogies are always used in the right direction.

  • Rail profile dimensions 48 x 32 x 3 mm
  • Material Galvanized in hot or stainless steel (1.45.71)
  • Design: Staircase with a central point or simple rail
  • Distance between stop: 40mm
  • Distance between stairs: 280mm
  • Steps: Welded to the rear of the rail
  • Ladder width: 380mm
  • Initial length: 5600mm and 2800mm
  • Adjustable lengths: 560, 840, 1120, 1400, 1680, 1960, 2240, 2520, 3080, 3360, 3640, 3920, 4200, 4480, 4760, 5040 and 5320 mm
  • Maximum distance between anchor points 1400 mm for the ladder and 1960 mm for the rail


The AL2 MOBIL and AL2 MOBIL-F systems are temporary solutions. These two devices are based on the basic technology of the AL2 systems. They are suitable for at least 2 people and are proposed to a height of less than 12 meters.


Safety rail or ladder for temporary use in various types of construction. The buckles on the ladder are permanent. In the basic version, there are hooks for the wall and the post

The FABA ™ System AL2 MOBIL-F system

Designed for access to poles or tissues.

  • Rail dimensions (“H” shape) 48x65x 3-6mm
  • Material: anodised aluminum
  • Design: Staircase with a central point or simple rail
  • Material anodised aluminum
  • Design: Staircase with a central point or additional side point
  • Distance between stop 70mm
  • Distance between stairs 280mm
  • Steps: Straight, clipped and applied to the back of the rail
  • Ladder width 414mm


  • Available in sizes 1960 and 1680mm
  • Maximum distance between hooks 1680mm
  • Link features automatic release of the top point

Link features automatic release of the top point

galvanized or stainless steel

The FABA AW1 system uses the FABA A11 rail without end. It complies with the requirements of EN795 (D) and can be installed horizontally either in an attic or on a wall. The safety harness and the latch are symmetrical.

  • Rail dimensions 68x56x2.8mm
  • Material: hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel (1.4571)
  • Design: Ladder with a central point or simple rail
  • Lengths in galvanized metal 6000, 3000, 2000 and 1000 mm
  • Lengths in stainless steel construction 3000, 2000 and 1000 mm
  • Maximum distance between anchors 1500mm
  • Basic use – The materials are designed for the simultaneous use of 3 people with a latch per person


ladder safety systems

The stopcable® ladder safety system is a wire rope type permanent fall protection system for climbing fixed ladders or vertical structures.

The system consists of galvanized top and bottom brackets, galvanized or stainless steel cable, an energy absorber, a turnbuckle and a stainless steel fall arrester (sold separately). Brackets are designed for ladder rungs but can be easily adapted to  most structures. A 5⁄16  in. (8.4  mm) or 3⁄8 in. (9.5 mm) steel cable is tensioned and contained approximately every 25 ft. (7.5 m) by cable guides which are designed to minimize cable vibration and slack.

A stainless steel fall arrester with internal spring-loaded cam can be attached or removed from the cable at any point. It is secured with a compatible carabiner, supplied with the fall arrester, to the frontal attachment point on any approved ladder climbing harness.

The user is free to climb and descend with full use of the hands. In the event of a fall, the fall arrester will quickly lock on the cable and arrest the fall. Free fall distance is minimized by a close coupled assembly. The top mounting bracket incorporates a shock absorber, further reducing impact and deceleration forces on the worker and the structure. An uninjured worker can quickly recover and climb down the structure to safety with complete protection.

  • Integrated shock absorber in upper bracket reducing forces on ladder
  • Adjustable on most permanent ladders
  • No special tools required for installation


  • Wire rope
  • Wire rope adjuster
  • Upper bracket with integrated shock absorber
  • Lower bracket

Mounting requirements

The stopcable® ladder safety system is designed to meet the performance criteria set in the ANSI A14.3 and CSA standard for fall protection on fixed ladders. The ladder upon which the system is to be mounted must meet with applicable requirements set out by OSHA, ANSI, CSA and applicable federal, regional and local regulations.


  • Telecommunication towers
  • Light poles
  • Water towers
  • Hydro electric towers
  • Stacks
  • Any other climable structure