One way lashing

One way lashing


The EasyLashtex strap is woven from high-strength polyethylene fibers and is designed for greater lashing ability during transport. They can be used to secure load or to pack palletised loads. Thanks to the weaving process and the heat treatment, they are durable as metal straps but are much lighter.


the ideal alternative to the metal strap


Using this strap is more convenient and safer than the metal, because when we secure or release with the metal strap, there is a possibility of a serious accident from the sharp edges or by a sharp strike of the string towards us. The polyethylene strap does not create these problems.

Yet another advantage of this trunk: since they do not have the sharp corners of the metal strap, they do not injure the load. Damage resulting from abrupt movements during transport is minimized by the woven string. EasyLashtex is also suitable for the most sensitive surfaces and thus reduces the cost of possible damage to the load.

SpanSet-tested woven strap technology guarantees the best quality. In addition, the woven strap is very heat resistant due to the heat treatment it receives during its production. Another advantage: While the metal strap often leaves rust marks on the load, the woven string is not eroded.


pretension forces of up to 7.500daN

EasyLashtex is produced in widths of 16 to 50mm. With the appropriate connections and the high strength of EasyLashtex’s knitted composition, it is possible to reach pretension forces of up to 7.500daN. To find the right tensioner, please contact us..

CodeType Strap thickness (mm) Strap width (mm) LC (daN) LC of system (daN) With strap buckle Package quantity Package weight (kg) Length per roll/bag (m)

* This material does not comply with the Railway Directive BN918 090 Other models are available on request.

Complete control of your load

all the benefits

  • High strength, low weight: the ideal alternative choice for lashing (expect of the metal strap)
  • Easy to handle
  • Complies with the Railway Directive BN918 090: tested quality.
  • Strength is clearly printed on the material and this helps to avoid mistakes at work.
  • Suitable for transporting by container, ship and trains.
  • Low chances of injury
  • Protects sensitive materials from destruction
  • All weather, not corroded
  • The strap can be reused.

Buckles Easylash

use EasyLashtex to the maximum

    • Simply Possible

To be able to use EasyLashtex to the maximum, you need EasyLash buckles, whose size, surface and material are carefully selected for this application. This is the only way to achieve maximum pretension.

EasyLash buckles are made of a unique, durable rod. As a result, there is no seam or rough surface that can ruin the hoop. The surface is superficial or galvanized, and therefore anti-corrosive. This surface treatment is necessary to achieve high friction values of the buckle in the buckle for safer attachment.

    • High Strength

Some systems require square buckles. They consist of shaped and glued pieces of round metal or are pressed from metal sheets and offer the ideal placement of the strap. Using this shape the buckles, you can reach higher levels of pretension than with simple buckles. Thanks to the surface treatment, the square buckles are additionally protected from corrosion and weathering.

BC 16

BC 13

BC 14

BC 15

BC 4 / BC 7 / BC 12

BC 10 (8t)

One Way Slings

cost Effective Safety

  • Inexpensive flat slings in loop or endless configuration for one-way application.
  • According to DIN 60005 or EN 1492-1.
  • 5:1 or 7:1 safety factor.
  • Label in standard signal colour.

Cost Effective Safety

Flat lifting slings for export of products whereby the sling remains rigged around the product and is used at the destination to safely lift from the cargo hold or deck of a vessel. These slings are then discarded at the final destination. They are not for repeated use.

Their advantage: The one way slings are substantially lower priced than regular slings.

To differentiate from standard lifting slings they are supplied in a non standard colour such as white or black. The label is clearly marked as 5:1 or 7:1 safety factor and identified as a one way sling.