Green Pin Shackles

Green Pin Shackles

The minimum breaking limit is 6 x Working Load Limit (WLL).
If required, audit certificates can be provided under the supervision of the International Certification Authorities Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s British Standards Bureau, American Bureau of Shipping.

The body of the shackle is marked with:

  • Allowed workload: WLL
  • Manufacturer Name: Van Beest (Bs)
  • Traceability code: letter of the English alphabet and number
  • Key diameter
  • Metal alloy (grade6): : 6
  • CE. Certification indicating that the material has been manufactured according to the Machinery Directive 98/37 / EC and is suitable for lifting loads.

Genuine Certified Green Pin (Green Screw) Shackles are manufactured in Netherlands in accordance to European Regulation EN 13889: 2003 and are accompanied by European Certificate of Suitability of the manufacturer and certificate for the raw material.

G-4161 Green Pin Standard Shackles

Box shackles with screw collar pin

G-4163 Green Pin Standard Shackles

Bow shakles with safety bolt

G-4151 Green Pin Standard Shackles

Dee shackles with screw collar pin

G-4153 Green Pin Standard Shackles

Dee shackles with safety bolt