Vacuum lifting equipment Manibo

Vacuum lifting equipment


MANIBO s.r.l. occupies a very established position in the field of the industrial manipulation and by now is a reference partner for many leading Companies, not only in Italy but all over the world. The large number of applications manufactured to satisfy the specific customers’ requests, to solve their handling problems, increases every day the growing up and the presence on the market. Besides to supply manipulators for application in usual working places, MANIBO pays particular care to solve handling problems in food and chemical industries, or in environments classified ATEX. MANIBO’s organization, following the necessity to operate always more quickly, can warrant answers and delivery always at the right time.

Pneumatic Industrial Manipulators

for over hanging loads

Pneumatic manipulators have been designed to operate with over hanging loads. For this reason they are absolutely necessary for loading and unloading of industrial machinery. Thanks to pneumatic accessories and special accessories, it is not only possible to lift parts, but also to rotate, to tilt ant to turn them upside down or, more simply to incline them. MANIBO manufactures industrial manipulators in nine different sizes:

  • Capacity: from 100 to 600 kg
  • Working radius: from 2 to 4.3 m
  • Vertical stroke: from 800 to 2400 mm

Every manipulator MANIBO is supplied with special handling attachment, manufactured following customer’s necessities.

The handling attachment is connected to the arm of the industrial manipulator by a rotating joint with 7 internal air passages, that allow to rotate 360° continuously around the vertical axis.

MANIBO industrial manipulators can be fixes to the ground, utilized with a forkliftable self bearing base or suspended to a pushing operated or a pneumatic powered trolley, to slide on suspended rails.

Pneumatic rope balancers

MANIBO pneumatic rope balancers are mainly used for quick and frequent operations of loads in production lines, for loading and unloading of tool machines and for the assembling of mechanical parts. Thanks to the possibility to move loads “weightless”, it is about impossible to renounce to the pneumatic rope balancer in the modern production lines.

MANIBO rope balancers are available with capacity up to 150 kg and working radius up to 3 m. With the suspended version, coupled to a jib crane or to a suspended light crane bridge, pushing operated, it is also possible to increase the working area. The useful vertical stroke can vary from 1.5 to 2 m.

The column execution both the arms can turn 360° continuously thanks to a rotating joint with internal air passages.

MANIBO can supply pneumatic rope balancer for food industries and suitable to operate in ATEX classified zones.

Equipments completely manufactured in stainless steel can be supplied on request.