Permanent life line

Permanent life line

Spanelas provides certified life lines for safe working at height manufactured by Tractel France, with ergonomic design and quality equipment.

Single wire rope, permanent lifeline with automatic stretcher

Travsmart ™

The Travsmart Life Thread is an evolution of Travspring ™. It compiles with the requirements of standard EN 795 C and can be used simultaneously by 5 users

It is used together with fall arrest systems and absorber safe webbing lanyard and ensures their protection against falls.

It is easy and quick to install: no special training or tools required. It is designed for use in all configurations: under the roof, on the wall, on inclined surfaces, on floor and with posts.

The innovative slider allows automatic move through the intermediate and angular supports without requiring manual intervention.

Permanent life line for corrugated roof

Travflex ™ 2

The travflex ™ 2 life line is designed for installation on flexible corrugated roofs (steel or aluminum).

This installation is achieved using a special surface for each type of roof system.

The travflex ™ 2 lifeline is CE certified according to EN795-C: 2012 for one user (new revision, according to standard 11B) and according to TS16415: 2013 for use by one up to three users.

The travflex ™ 2 life line is available in galvanized or stainless steel version.

The travflex ™ 2 line of life incorporates certain features of the Travsmart life line:

  • Single line wire rope.
  • Tensioner, INRS absorber, voltage indicator.
  • Double load.
  • Automatic pass over intermediate anchor points.
  • Optimized installation time

Permanent life line with double wire rope

Travsafe ™

With double wire rope, the travsafe ™ life thread is the most efficient in the market. It ensures the perfect movement of the slider, which effortlessly moves between the intermediate support posts which are placed to a maximum distance of every 15 meters.

Located on the ground or on the support base, the travsafe ™ life thread allows the user to move on each side without changing the slider’s position.

Due to the new two-component absorption rings, the travsafe ™ life span dissipates the power which produced on the wire rope during the fall.

The travsafe ™ life line can be used by 5 people. It can be installed under a ceiling, on wall or floor.

This lifeline has three types of trolleys:

  • Typical non-opening slider which is placed to the edges
  • Opening slider which is placed anywhere on the line
  • Under the ceiling, rollsafe slider is placed on the straight travsafe™ lifelines on stainless steel wire rope.

The travsafe ™ life thread is an anchor device equipped with horizontal flexible support points, according to EN 795-C.

Single-wire rope lifeline

Travspring ™

The travspring ™ lifeline is an anchor device fitted with a flexible horizontal belaying support that complies with EN795 C standard.

This is a proximity lifeline where the user manually passes, without disconnecting, the intermediary wire rope supporting points. The support points of the wire rope should be installed at a maximum distance of 15 meters.

The travspring ™ lifeline is designed for 5 users. Thanks to its INRS Patented energy shock-absorber, the travspring ™ lifeline only produces a minimum impact on the end in the event of a fall.

All lifeline parts are made out of stainless steel with galvanized or stainless steel wire rope. The travspring ™ lifeline can be installed on a wall or ground support or a stancion.